Home Plans

Why Choose us?

Because we give the kind of service you just can’t get from the big telcos.


  • Low Line Rental
  • Capped National calls
  • Provided on Australia’s biggest network
  • Keep the same number
  • Choose between email or paper bills
  • Manage your account online
  • Friendly customer service





for analogue handsets

regular old phone lines

Simple home phone plans that SAVE you money.

Our straight forward home phone plans save you money and have included great value. Nothing changes when you switch to us, everything stays the same, except the size of the bill.

Low per minute rates and included calls.

We get excellent call rates so that we can pass our savings on to you.

Choose a Plan that suits you.

Whether you have a large family with a lot of people using the phone or a small home, we have the right plan for you that will give you control over your bills.

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